Sunday, May 3, 2009

What do Newport Beach, Alta Coffee Shop, The Pita Pit and my friend, Krista, have in common?

ME! Tonight I spent some much needed girl time with my new friend, Krista; although it seems we've known eachother forever. Girls- you've all met another lady that you just click with and never run out of things to say, have a ton in common, and just hit it off- it was meant to be! Well, that's Krista, and I feel very blessed to have met her. It's difficult to run across good friends at the age of 30, no school, a single mom, you know the story. Anyhow, our journey started in my car (Krista walked right over, she lives around the corner), then to Alta in NPB, 2 or so hours of chit-chatting later, both stomaches rumbling...viola...Enter stage right The Pita Pit. God's light shone down from heaven (really, no really! lol) and there she was. On Newport Blvd. Finally, I don't have to make the trip to Idaho to enjoy the greatest Pita's known to late night unruly inebriates sobering up after a few pub crawls.

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