Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guilty As Charged!!!

I started this blog about a month ago with the hopes of exercising my creative bone (well, the little one I have at least); but have only posted two. I read a friend's blog today and how, 'The blogs will be spaced out because I am very busy with moving, etc.'. I thought, what am I busy with? I mean, yes, I work full-time, I have a 6.5 year old son with more energy than anyone I know; but really I am on and off the Internet throughout the day on the weekends AND practically every night during the week (ok, so I am a bit of an addict-I'll admit-Facebook is my guilty pleasure). Well, the truth be told, I don't always feel I have something, "news-worthy," to write about. I want my blogs to be insightful, witty and fun to read.
Do I write about the fact that I am now,"into" my 30s and that it sounds older than just being plain old 30? That sounds a little narcissistic!
Do I write about the fact that I am elated that the school board approved for my son to be held back in the first grade, and how great this will be for his future? This sounds like an achievement, and most circles would probably look down upon this.
What to write about? This is the question!